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everything about Franconian wine


The Glocke and its wines

We are the southernmost wine estate in Franconia and Tauber.
The vineyards are embedded in a cultivated landscape, unaffected by large traffic streams.
The heavy soils of the Triassic shape the land. This Franconian soil does not give away anything, everything has to be wrested from it.

The many grape varieties are located on the slopes of the Main and Steigerwald. The steep slopes of the Muschelkalks offer a unique microclimate in the upper Taubertal around Rothenburg.

Careful application of expertise that has been gained from generations of winemakers allows for well-known wines in this border climate (400 m above sea level).
We achieve moderate yields from deliberately small grapes through careful harvesting as late as possible.

The wine is cultivated in deep cellars. We rely on time and not on the achievements of modern cellaring technology. We do not bow to the spirit of time. Sustainability has shaped our thinking and actions for generations. All wines go into wooden barrels, for long or short durations, the unsurpassed method. Simple house wines come in liter bottles. We also use the traditional Bocksbeutel and our Glocke bottle, our own creation that embodies down-to-earth quality and grounding.

The main focus of our work is in the cultivation and maintenance of historical grape varieties. Particularly profiled wines come from very old vineyards.
During the harvest year, the wines are very typical of their vineyard, as they are the sum of the weather, grape varieties, and soil. Sometimes with some bumps and hurdles, but time fixes anything! 1200 years of Franconian wine culture has to be carried forward.

Wine tasting in the wooden barrel cellar

Professional, humorously annotated, on various topics:

  • Wine tasting „Franconia“, 5 – 8 samples, different categories 
  • Red wine tasting
  • Wine tasting „Franconian Tauber“
  • Wine tasting „Historic Grape Varieties“
  • Champagne tasting

All tastings also possible with Vesper.

Stone and wine tour

In Rothenburg, with its imposing wine history, this comes alive in a way that is easy to understand in a small space: importance of viniculture in earlier times, scope and extent, methods, grape varieties, geology, microclimate, educational methods, art in the vineyard.

Duration about 1 ½ hours

May also include a tasting of 3 wines.

Our wine shops in Rothenburg:

Glocke wine shop

Untere Schmiedgasse 27
right next to the Glocke
Open daily


Johannitergasse 11
Phone: +49 9861 86386
Open Tues.–Fri. 10 a.m. – 6 p.m., Sat. 9 a.m. – 1 p.m.

Wine shipping:

Shipping in Germany

From 1 bottle; from 24 bottles in one package free delivery.
Get to know our variety of white wines and red wines!
White wine: Adelfraenkisch, Albalonga, Bacchus, Faberrebe, Gewuerztraminer, Grauer Burgunder, Gruener Veltliner, Johanniter, Junker, Kleinberger, Kristaller, Mueller-Thurgau, Muskateller, Ortega, Pamid, Perle, Rieslaner, Riesling, Scheurebe, Silvaner, Weisser Burgunder; Here you find a list of all white wines. (PDF)
Red wine: Blauer Affenthaler, Blauer Elbling, Blaufraenkisch, Cabernet Dorsa, Cabernet Mitos, Domina, Fruehburgunder, Hartblau, Muskattrollinger, Regent, Samtrot, Schwarzriesling, Suessschwarz, Spaetburgunder, Tauberschwarz; Here you find a list of all red wines. (PDF)
Other and mixed grapes, (PDF)
In addition, we offer many historical grape varieties which we are particularly proud of.
Prices include VAT.


„Guest in the vineyards“ at the tauber at the very top

  • 2 nights with breakfast buffet
  • Welcome drink
  • 1 Franconian winegrower’s menu, 3-course, plus ¼ l home-made wine
  • 1 Kirchweihessen (hearty Franconian dinner commemorating the church anniversary), 3-course
  • 1 Franconian wine tasting, 8 people or more in a wooden barrel cellar, professional and humorously annotated by the cellar master
  • Walk through the Rothenburger vineyards on a stone and wine trail, guided tour for 8 persons or more
  • 1 admission to the Reichsstadt Museum with wine history

Arrangement price per person in the standard room: € 225,00


This arrangement is bookable all year round and can be extended.
Single room surcharge €18.00 per day
(Valid for all arrangements)

This and other arrangements can be found on our packages page.